Discover Our Unique System to Start Selling Successfully with Lazada and Shopee …
… Even For People with No Experience Selling Online

“Shopee reports 300% increase in new e-commerce users in the first half of 2020” - Malaysians can now discover strategies from top sellers to exploit this opportunity. 


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Here are some testimonials from our students:
There’s Never Been a Better Time to Sell on Shopee and Lazada

Online buying has skyrocketed in 2020… discover how to catch this ‘Tsunami’ of buyers.

Our Webinar will reveal practical steps to help you discover:

  • How to start selling on Lazada and Shopee
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • ​Where to find popular products to sell at a profit
  • The secrets to make listings stand out and get buyers ​
The great thing is that you don’t even need to manufacture the product yourself. 

Here are some other cool things about selling on these platforms:

  • No need to learn online marketing
  • No large capital required
  • ​No need to build a website

What's needed is:

  • How to discover what products sell
  • Where to find products to sell at a good profit
  • ​How to list products so buyers can find it
  • ​A bit of know-how to avoid common mistakes

The fact is there are...

...Fresh graduates

Who are making a fortune selling on Lazada and Shopee.

The trainers for this program are one of the top sellers on both platforms.

They will share their secrets with you at this free online training session.

Why Consider selling on Lazada and Shopee

1) Can work limited hours, just process orders and answer queries.
2) Can start with a relatively small amount of capital.

3) Don’t need to quit your job. You can always make that decision later as your online business grows.

4) Can start making sales immediately - quick set up time.

5) Don’t have to figure out everything yourself as our free training will fast-track you.

How Lazada and Shopee Work
Shopee & Lazada are the TOP SHOPPING APPS Across ASEAN

We will reveal:

  • How to start selling in e-marketplace
  • How to avoid mistakes in e-selling
  • How to attract the right customers and find potential buyers
  • ​How to collect and read data to gain a competitive advantage

We will also share our product research process:

Why Now is The Best Time to Get Started on Lazada And Shopee
  • There are still undiscovered profitable niches on Lazada and Shopee
  • There are more shoppers shifting to buy on these platforms.
  • ​Spending on these platforms are anticipated to grow… BIG
  • More people staying safe at home has created a massive shift to online buying.
  • ​Competition is still at its infancy… this will change over time as more sellers get online.

Why attend the webinar?

We are a team that has been top sellers on Lazada and Shopee for years.

We actually run our Shopee/Lazada business full-time and teach others to do it in our spare time.

What you will be getting at our training is actual, real-world strategies that are working for us… not theory from a textbook.

We’ll share strategies that have helped us be top sellers on Lazada and Shopee.

Get real, actionable steps to be successful in the shortest possible time.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why sell on a Marketplace like Lazada or Shopee?
Selling on a Marketplace is the e-commerce business trend now. The whole business system is automated. You will be able to optimize your operating costs such as manpower, logistics, and other expenses in e-commerce. Besides, you can operate this business anywhere at any time.
Do I need a lot of capital to start this online business?
Unlike a brick-and-mortar business, you can get your internet business up and running with minimal capital as most of the services are free. Lazada and Shopee are two local e-commerce platforms that allow you to leverage their facilities and sell products with no inventory cost. You get to enjoy seller perks as well.
Can I start a marketplace business even with no IT and software background?
Yes, you can start your marketplace business without any IT expertise or software development knowledge. No complicated websites or IT skills are required to become a successful online entrepreneur. Just follow the step-by-step course to market your business.
How would people find my products if I don't advertise?
Southeast Asia is a huge marketplace with a mind-boggling 460 million active customers globally. If you identify the right product in the right niche you will get found simply by the number of searches the Lazada/ Shopee search engine gets. That is why it’s important for you to join us to discover how you can find the right niche.
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